A Fellowship of Fools

Mydern and beyond

To the Westwood

Making camp in the middle of the night, the PCs were visited by foot guard from Mydern, encouraging them to take caution as everyone is on high alert.

They arrive at the gate to find it closed. After conversing with the guard, they planned to stay at a local inn and investigate the market for more of the roses. Unfortunately, that lead went cold.

The adventurers decided to visit The Sanctum of the Three, a sort of super church built to accommodate all deities, even those of evil. After an altercation, the players were asked to leave.

Maya and Tokul returned to the church where Maya was able to sneak in and talk to the temples superior. It was discovered that the cursed rose seems to be the doing of Wee Jas, a psychotic God who enjoys plaguing his followers minds with paranoia until they ultimately sacrifice one of their own.

With this information, West into The Westwood was the only direction to go. As they ventured deeper, the forest seemed to be dying around them. Through the edge of the forest they could finally see the field of Heart Roses.

Leirowyn went into the field to confirm the source of the corruption was systemic in the ground and not put there after the fact. During his return, he was ambushed by what seemed to be walking shrubbery. With the rest of party hundreds of feet away, he had to delay until help arrived.

Unbeknownst to the party, an older woman was holed up in the farmhouse. After a tough battle where Laenaya nearly fell, the party was able to quash the threat of the monstrous plants…for now, they seem safe.



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